New Kitten: Essentials List

Are you going to be bringing home a fluffy new kitten soon? Here is a list of what I think most new kitten owners should have on hand before bringing home their new pet.

Cat carrier: You need something to transport your kitty home from wherever you are getting him or her from. You will also use this for veterinarian visits. When we got our kitten, we put in a soft blanket that smelled like us and left the carrier out for many days. Our kitty used to sleep in it while he was getting used to his new home (door open).
Litter box, litter, and scoop The most important of all essentials!
Cat bed: Every kitty needs a bed! This could even be a cardboard box with a towel in it.

Food: You should feed your kitten what he or she was eating previously until they have settled in. If you want to change the food later, be sure to do it gradually so he or she doesn’t get an upset stomach.

Treats: Try just a small variety to see which cat treats your kitty may prefer. You might need some good treats to lure your new family member out the first few days.

A collar and tag: Your cat should wear a collar and tag whenever he or she leaves the house, even if he or she is an inside cat only.
Toys: Start off with a small assortment to see which cat toys your kitten likes best.

Scratching posts: I suggest several scratching posts that you can place around the house and encourage your kitten to use instead of things like carpeting and furniture.

Brush and nail clippers: The exact type of brush may depend on what your new cat’s coat type. It’s important to start grooming at an early age so he or she gets used to it.
Ear cleaner, a toothbrush, and toothpaste: Learning about basic healthcare when your kitten is young will help minimize long-term costs!